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Marcin Gomulak Senior software programmer Software hacker

My name is Marcin 'Maki' Gomulak. I'm a senior software engineer in many different languages with major impact on
C++ and C#. I'm also a software hacker and a gamedev enthusiast. I worked with game development since Unreal Engine 2 era
I worked with many different game engines including Unity, Unreal Engine, Xenko, Cry Engine, Monogame/XNA-based and propertiary.
In the free time I'm expanding my knowledge learning new technologies and I'm doing software hacking with real manual assembler
Registered Apple developer, PlayStation4/5, Xbox One X and Switch console developer. Registered IDA Home, JetBrains and BinaryNinja user.

About Me

C, C++ (VC, GCC, CLANG, mingw64, cmake, MSBuild), C# (Mono, WinForms, Unmanaged), Python, Java, JavaScript, Assembler (x86, x64, AArch64, MIPSl), GLSL (fragment, vertex, compute), HLSL, Swift, PHP, PL/SQL, Lua, Bash (Zsh, Awk, grep), BIOS int, UnrealScript, PowerShell, ActionScript, AutoIt, UE4 blueprint, UE3 kismet
Unity, Unreal Engine (2,3,4,5), Monogame/XNA, OpenGL (legacy+core), Xenko, D3D11, CryEngine, Godot
IDA Home (licensed), Ghidra, radare2, x96dbg, BinaryNinja (licensed), Capstone, BinDiff, ProcMon, Fiddler, apktool, noP$X, Cheat Engine, winDbg, ILSpy/dnSpy, Nmap, sherlock
RenderDoc, Nvidia Nsight + compute, LLGD
WinPE hacking, ELF hacking, code injection and function reroute (x86, AArch64), Hot patching, dependency injection, runtime DLL injection, Windows kernel research, cracking for research, binary file research, Mach-O, NSP+NRO, PS1 system+sector game code, MitM, phishing, social engineering, Unreal UPK, Unity Asset + Assembly-CSharp
Windows (98 until incl. 10), Linux (Ubuntu, Kali, Debian, Arch, Raspbian, WSL2), Mac, Android, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, webGL, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, custom bootloader, rPi, Arduino
Visual Studio (10,13,15,17,19,22), Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio for Mac, Vim (sic!), JetBrains Rider, CLion, pyCharm, XCode, nasm, MonoDevelop, notepad++, ShaderToy, KodeLife
ImGui, Qt (only simple stuff), GLFW, GLEW, SDL2, ImageMagic, FFmpeg, RAD Bink, Zlib, LZ4, LZMA, gz, LZSS, fluidSynth, minHook, stb, IL2CPP, NAudio, SharpGL/DC, homebrew brew, WordPress, Joomla, restAPI, adb, openCV, json, csv, and...?
Git, Gitlab, BitBucket, SVN, Perforce, SSH, PlasticSCM
Photoshop, After Effects, Magix Vegas, Substance Painter, DaVinci Resolve, Camera RAW, Blender, 3DS Max

...did I forget something?

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